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The National Cultural Heritage Awards

The National Cultural Heritage Awards

In 2013, CCFU initiated the National Heritage Awards to provide a missing incentive – social recognition, publicity and money – through a Heritage Prize awarded to individuals and organisations for their outstanding contribution to preserving and promoting our heritage. So far, eighteen awards have been made. This has now become a bi-annual activity.

Background to the awards

Whether tangible (buildings, landscapes, monuments) or intangible (skills, crafts, traditions) our heritage is not effectively protected, even when listed. There is little incentive to preserve it. Historical buildings are for instance vanishing because the economic motive that prevails is one of quick profits (e.g. a cheap concrete structure), while our social and cultural norms go unrecognised.

 The awarding process

The Foundation solicits nominations from the general public and heritage experts. An independent jury reviews entries and selects heritage champions who are later awarded at a grand ceremony. The bi-annual awarding ceremony is well publicised and provides a centre for discussion by cultural enthusiasts, government, media and the academia on issues relating to cultural heritage preservation in Uganda.

 Your role

You are welcome to make a contribution to the Heritage awards: preserve our nation’s heritage, nominate outstanding efforts for recognition in the heritage awards, express your interest in the selection of the jury and you can make a financial contribution to this process.

Read about the previous awards in a dossier and contribute to the 4th National Cultural Heritage Awards, 2020


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