Makerere Hill, off Bativa road, Kampala | +256 (0) 393 294 675/7
Makerere Hill, off Bativa road, Kampala | +256 (0) 393 294 675/7

Heritage Education Programme and Community Museum Partners

    1. Cultural Heritage clubs (see list) in over 164 Secondary Schools in Uganda
    2. National Curriculum Development Centre
    3. Museum of Acholi Art and Culture, Kitgum
    4. Cultural Research Centre, Jinja
    5. Igongo Cultural Centre, Mbarara
    6. Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme, Kagadi
    7. The Madi-Lugbara Cultural Foundation, Arua
    8. Ker Kwonga Chiefdom Museum, Nebbi
    9. Luke Community Museum, Kyotera
    10. Kigulu Cultural Museum, Iganga
    11. Uganda Martyrs University Museum, Nkonzi
    12. Koogere Foundation Museum, Kabarole
    13. Elgon History and Cultural Museum, Mbale
    14. Madi Community Museum, Moyo
    15. Bugungu Heritage and Information Centre, Buliisa
    16. Soroti Regional Museum
    17. Buddu Cultural Museum
    18. Obudingiya bwa Ba’amba Cultural Information Centre
    19. Uganda National Commission for UNESCO

Cultural Rights Programme Partners

    1. Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
    2. Rakai District Heritage Development Programme
    3. Madi Sub-Region Heritage Development Programme
    4. Kibaale District Heritage Development Programme
    5. Uganda Community Museums Association
    6. Obudingiya Bwa Ba’amba
    7. Rwebisengo Widows’ Cultural Association, Ntoroko
    8. Go Culture Africa
    9. Kibatsi Youth Development Association, Bushenyi
    10. Tubehamwe Women’s Group, Buliisa
    11. Northern Karamoja Indigenous Minority Groups Platform
    12. The Rwenzori Indigenous Minority Groups Platform
    13. The Equal Opportunities Commission
    14. Kebu Women’s Group
    15. Batwa Development Programme
    16. Kooki Cultural Museum

Historical Property Conservation and Promotion Partners

  1. Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA)
  2. Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board
  3. The Uganda Museum
  4. Uganda Tourism Board(UTB)
  5. Ham Mukasa Family
  6. Sir Apollo Kaggwa Foundation
  7. Mengo Hospital
  8. Makerere University
  9. International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)
  10. Private owners of historical buildings in Kampala, Entebbe, Jinja and Fort Portal
  11. Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities
  12. Uganda Museum

Culture and conservation partners

  1. Total energies
  2. Private Forest Owners in Bunyoro and Rwenzori
  3. Uganda Wildlife Authority
  4. National Forestry Authority
  5. Chimpanzee Trust 
  6. Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom
  7. Obusinga Bwa Rwenzururu
  8. Friends of Chimpanzees Family, Kagadi
  9. Jane Goodall Institute
  10. Kairabwa Chimpanzee Conservancy
  11. Wildlife Conservation Society
  12. Kinyampanika Chimpanzee Conservation and Development Association
  13. Kagadi District Local Government
  14. Kasese District Local Government
  15. Bunyangabu District Local Government
  16. Kikuube District Local Government
  17. Kibale District Local Government
  18. Hoima District Local Government

Heritage Education at University Partners

  1. Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi
  2. Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU)
  3. Kabale University 
  4. Kyambogo University 
  5. Uganda National Council for Higher Education
  6. National Curriculum Development Centre
  7. UNESCO 2003 Convention on Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage Secretariat

Network Memberships

  1. Uganda National NGO Forum
  2. International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)
  3. The Climate Heritage Network (CHN)
  4. International Committee for Conservation of the Industrial Heritage