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Makerere Hill, off Bativa road, Kampala | +256 (0) 393 294 675/7

Visit the Community Museums’ Exhibition (15-16 May) at the National Theatre #IMD2024

Community museums to commemorate the International Museums Day

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda will be supporting Uganda’s community museums to join the rest of the museums in the world to commemorate the International Museums’ Day which will be officially celebrated on the 18th of May 2024. The theme for this year is “Museums, Education and Research”. The national events by the Government of Uganda are organised by the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities (under the Museums and Monuments Department) and will be held in Soroti. CCFU, as part of the National Organising Committee, will support pre-events activities including the exhibition for community museums that will be held at the Uganda National Culture Centre (UNCC – National Theatre) in Kampala from 15th to 16th May 2024.

The Community Museums Exhibition at the National Theatre, 15-16, May 2024

Uganda has more than 25 community museums. CCFU has moblised most of these (especially from out of Kampala regions) to commemorate the International Museums Day through an exhibition in Kampala. The rationale for this build-up activity is to create awareness among Ugandans about the importance of community museums and the role they can play in promoting our diverse cultural heritage. It is expected that the exhibition will underscore the importance of community museums as centres for research, education and knowledge dissemination; provide an opportunity for community museum managers to network, share experiences and knowledge on cultural heritage safeguarding, fundraising and publicity; and link them up with other potential sources of support.

Community museums will therefore showcase their cultural heritage treasures at the National Theatre Gardens from the 15th to the 16th of May 2024. The general public is invites, entrance is free.

Honourable Rachael Magoola, the Woman Member of Parliament for Bugweri district will officially open the exhibition on the 15th of May.

CCFU’s work with community museums

Inspired by the pride and self motivation exhibited by individuals, families, clans, and community groups to preserve and showcase their artefacts and literature, CCFU chose to support local initiatives that safeguard cultural heritage. So far, we have worked with close to thirty self motivated and dynamic individuals, groups and families, as our partners. All have established museums: these community museums display unique ethnographic collections, literature, and traditional instruments, all demonstrating the resilience of cultural rights of self-expression and identity by local communities. In 2011 CCFU supported the establishment and recognition of the Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA) as an NGO, to raise the profile of the museums and link them to potential sources of support, and in 2023, the Foundation established the first ever Railway Museum in Uganda, located in Jinja City. A digital site for community museums was also developed to further profile and publicise their work; and support to selected community museums to serve as cultural enterprises and as centres of excellence for heritage education and learning was extended. For more information, see these resources, also, check out some museums that CCFU has worked with.

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