In 2015, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda embarked on phase I of a broader project whose ultimate objective is to protect and promote the historic buildings of Kampala. This Phase was concluded with the production, launching and dissemination of a map of Kampala’s historic properties.

As phase II of the project, a training for historic property owners and tour guides was conducted from the 26th to 27th of July 2016 at Uganda Museum. The training was attended by 25 participants representing different historic properties from around Kampala Kibuli Mosque, Ham Mukasa House, Hindu Temple, Mengo Primary School and Makerere main building among others. The participants were equipped with skills to conserve historic buildings, monuments and sites and how to develop and manage them as tourism centres. Participants appreciated the training as an eye-opener to the “gold mines” they have been sitting on.

At the end of the training, owners of historic properties were guided on possible areas of support by different agencies including Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Antiquities, Uganda Tourism Board, Uganda Museum and Kampala Capital City Authority. Guidance was mainly on relevant legislations, funding opportunities and marketing

The Foundation considers working with selected individuals to develop publicity materials for their products. A meeting with KCCA will be held to discuss a possibility of promulgating an Ordinance for Historic Properties in Kampala.