Safeguarding our built and natural heritage

Safeguarding our built and natural heritage; what is the way forward?

CCFU has recently been expanding its work in protecting and conserving our (rapidly vanishing) built and natural heritage.

In this regard, we are hosting Justin Scully from the National Trust of England, Wales, and Northern Ireland who is guiding CCFU in the initial phases of establishing a heritage trust.

On Monday 24th October 2020, CCFU held a stakeholder’s meeting facilitated by Justin and Oliver Maurice from the International National Trusts organizations to discuss the best organizational model to carry forward the work of preserving Uganda’s built and natural heritage.

The objective of the meeting is to develop a shared understanding of varied Heritage Trust models from around the world, the type that best adds value for the heritage preservation in Uganda, and to suggest the next steps.

CCFU is looking forward to harnessing organizational synergies to protect and preserve built and natural heritage.

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