Programme Partners

To implement our different programme activities successfully, the Foundation works with a number of local partners in different parts of the country and, occasionally, beyond.

Culture in Development Programme Partners
  1. Plan international
  2. ActionAid Uganda
  3. Arcus Foundation
  4. Cultural Institutions in Uganda
Heritage Education Programme and Community Museum Partners
  1. Cultural Heritage clubs in over 100 Secondary Schools in Uganda
  2. Museum of Acholi Art and Culture, Kitgum
  3. Cultural Research Centre, Jinja
  4. Iteso Cultural Union, Soroti
  5. The Home of Edirisa, Kabale
  6. Igongo Cultural Centre, Mbarara
  7. Uganda Rural Development and Training Programme, Kagadi
  8. The Madi-Lugbara Cultural Foundation, Arua
  9. Nebbi Cultural Troupe
  10. Ker Kwonga chiefdom museum, Nebbi
  11. St. Luke Community Museum, Kyotera
  12. Kigulu Chiefdom Museum, Iganga
  13. Kikonzo Language and Cultural Center, Kasese
  14. Bulemba Community Museum, Kasese
  15. Koogere Foundation Museum, Fort Portal, Kabarole
  16. Mt. Elgon History and Cultural Museum, Mbale
  17. Madi Community Museum, Moyo
  18. Bugungu Heritage and Information Centre, Buliisa
Cultural Rights Programme Partners
  1. Rakai District Heritage Development Programme
  2. Madi Sub-Region Heritage Development Programme
  3. Ethur Community Museum
  4. Kibaale District Heritage Development Programme
  5. Ik Agenda Development Initiative
  6. The Benet Lobby Group
  7. Uganda Community Museums Association
  8. ObudingiyaBwaBa’amba
  9. Rwebisengo Widow’s Cultural Association
  10. Go Culture Africa
  11. Northern Karamoja Indigenous Minority Groups Platform
  12. Equal Opportunities Commission
Historical Property Conservation and Promotion Partners
  1. Kampala City Council Authority (KCCA)
  2. Buganda Heritage and Tourism Board
  3. The Uganda National Museum
  4. Uganda Tourism Board (UTB)
  5. Ham Mukasa Family
  6. The AppoloKaggwa Foundation
  7. Mengo Hospital
  8. Makerere University
Pluralism Knowledge Programme Partners (2008-2014)
  1. Kosmopolis Institute
  2. Uganda Women Network (UWONET)
  3. Human Rights Network Uganda (HURINET-U)
  4. Uganda National NGO Forum (UNNGF)
  5. Inter-Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU)
  6. Human Rights and Peace Center (HURIPEC)
  7. Kampala International University (KIU)
  8. Islamic University in Uganda (IUiU)
  9. Gulu University
  10. Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Organisations (DENIVA)
  11. Nkumba University
  12. Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi
  13. Mpigi NGO Forum
Other ProgammePartners
  1. The Uganda Museum
  2. Uganda National Commission for UNESCO
  3. Ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities
  4. Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development
  5. International National Trusts Organisation (INTO)