Oral history documentation for the Batwa in Bundibugyo


While the Batwa have been at the centre of national and international attention for some time and have received some support from development partners, most interventions and studies have not focused on the preservation of their heritage or the promotion of their cultural rights.

CCFU’s interactions with the Batwa community in Bundibugyo revealed a constant fear of losing their identity and cultural heritage, which is at risk of disappearing due to the influence of neighbouring and dominant ethnic groups. In addition, the mechanisms of transmitting knowledge from one generation to the next were disrupted when they were evicted from the Semuliki forest.

Outputs from this initiative

It was against this background and after further consultations with the Batwa community that CCFU embarked on the collection, documentation and production of the oral history of the Batwa community through different communication materials including video films, a catalogue and oral stories for the Batwa children.

A case study to highlight the plight of the Batwa during and after the period they were evicted from the Semuliki National Park has also been produced.

The launch

In June 2017, these outputs were launched by Mr. Godfrey Mbetegyerize, the Bundibugyo Resident District Commissioner (RDC) duri  ng an event at Bundibugyo district headquarters. The event was attended by the LCV Chairperson, Chief Administrative Officer and the Community Development Officer, among officials. Representatives of the Batwa community including Mr. Geoffrey Inzito – their leader also attended the event.