National Coalition on Indigenous Minority Groups formed


In 2012, CCFU initiated a programme to enhance the cultural rights of indigenous minority groups (IMGs) and worked directly with the Ik, Benet and Bamba, Babwisi, Bavanoma. Three policy briefs highlighting the status of their cultural rights revealed common concerns in respect to identity and recognition; education and language; safeguarding cultural heritage, political representation and access to cultural resources. Supported by the Foundation, some of the indigenous minority groups have engaged the relevant authorities to address some of the issues at district and national levels, including an interaction with the Equal Opportunities Commission in 2015. A meeting of 21 indigenous minority groups discussed and validated these issues and proposed the formation of an advocacy platform to consolidate efforts to address their concerns.

A second meeting with representatives of the Equal Opportunities Commission in August 2016, revealed the need to create a coalition of organisations that have an interest in addressing issues of marginalization, with particular interest in the rights of indigenous minority groups, as well as representatives from the indigenous minority groups, the Equal Opportunities Commission and CCFU.

Membership of the coalition

The current members of the coalition who regularly hold meetings to discuss its agenda, are Global Rights Alert, Human Rights Network – Uganda, Community Development, Resource Network, the Foundation for Human Rights Initiative, Minority Rights Group International – Uganda and CCFU; the Equal Opportunities Commission also attends