This section includes all CCFU’s “managing cultural diversity” case studies and all other relevant resources about this theme.

Other papers and articles

Audio visual media (videos available at our offices)

Video “Building a diverse nation”– ENG.& LUGANDA

– Video “Culture in development in Uganda: experiences and prospects”– ENG. (Accompanies See a publication>>>

Culture in development: Experiences and Prospects

– Video “Discovering community museums in Uganda” – ENG.

– Video “Drawing on culture to fight HIV/AIDS: six Ugandan stories” – ENG
see publicaton >>

– Video “Teaching in Lusoga in pilot primary schools: what change in and outside the classroom?” – ENG
[See publication>>  drawing_on_culture_to_fight_hivaids.]

– Video “Where culture, gender and development meet”– ENG
[see publication>>> Ethical-issues-in-science-and-technology.-CCFU-Paper-JAMAFEST-2017]

– Video “Working with cultural leaders to protect the rights of widows and orphans: the experiences of PLAN and FIDA in Eastern Uganda” – ENG
[see publication>> Think-Piece-on-Culture-in-Development-in-Uganda-March-2017]

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