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Makerere Hill, off Bativa road, Kampala | +256 (0) 393 294 675/7


Historical buildings and sites are important aspects of Uganda’s tangible heritage. Within and outside Kampala, Uganda’s history can be told through historical buildings. Such buildings and monuments of cultural, religious, and historical significance represent different aspects of our human existence, ways of life, architectural knowledge and skills and social organization over different periods. These linkages not only enhance our shared history and identity but are also important sources of education and research.

Several outputs of historical buildings and sites in Kampala, Entebbe, and Jinja have been produced by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda.


1. Beyond the Reeds and Bricks – Historical Sites and Buildings in Kampala, Jinja, and Entebbe

This impressive new book bears witness to the richness of Uganda’s historical buildings and sites (some hidden, some prominent) surrounding us in Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe.  From the legacy of pre-colonial kingdoms to the introduction of western education, medicine, and religions, the growth of commerce and industry, right through to Uganda’s attempts to forge a new independent identity, this book documents our country’s story through those historical buildings and sites still in existence today.

Set over 8 chapters, the book combines beautiful photographs of over 60 notable historical locations, accompanied by a narrative that sets the locations in their historical, social and political contexts and highlights why they still matter today.

With forewords by the Hon. Ephraim Kamuntu (Minister of Tourism, Wildlife, and Antiquities) and His Excellency Ambassador Attilio Pacifici, (Head of Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Uganda), it is hoped that this publication will demonstrate that Uganda’s built heritage should be a source of pride, and encourage its protection and conservation in the coming years. (Contact CCFU on possibilities of acquiring a copy of this publication).

 2. Maps – explore Uganda’s historical towns and cities:

These high-quality maps have been produced to help tourists and members of the public understand and appreciate the history surrounding them. Containing photos of notable historical sites, interesting facts, and a clear annotated street plan, the maps also include a detailed overview of the towns and their history.


Click on the maps to access the pdf versions 

(Hard copies of these maps are available on request, contact us)

3. Uganda’s Built Heritage – A free mobile phone app for Android and iOS

Welcome to the Uganda’s Built Heritage app – bringing Uganda’s history to life as you walk down the street! For Android, download the app on Play store or App store for Iphone



Find out more about Uganda’s historical towns and cities, and their iconic buildings and sites from your mobile phone or tablet, with the following easy-to-use functions:

  • Browse sites by map view, or by list view (sorted by A-Z or by their proximity to your current location)
  • Read overviews of each town and city
  • See photos, descriptions and contact information for over 80 historical sites and buildings
  • Plan walking or driving routes between historical sites
  • Set up alerts to notify you when you pass historical places
  • Build a favourites list
  • Share your discoveries with your friends online


Read more about CCFU’s work in relation to the preservation and promotion of Uganda’s built heritage.