Culture for Her

Under the Culture for Her Project and Heritage Education Programme, CCFU carried out a three days orientation session in Nebbi District to induct cultural leaders on how to support cultural heritage clubs in schools. Heritage clubs patrons, teachers and school administrators were given refresher training to sharpen their skills in engaging with young people.

Induction of cultural leaders to support young people

Part of the Culture for Her Project will be implemented in school heritage clubs with cultural leaders as facilitators. CCFU believes that using cultural leaders to engage young people will encourage cross-generational learning between adults and young people and reduce the knowledge gap of young people on their culture and heritage.

The main aim of working with school heritage clubs is to educate young people about the use of cultural resources to reduce Gender-Based Violence against Women and Girls and to use them to promote Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights.

The induction focused on culture and access to justice, economic opportunities, and sexual reproductive health rights. Mr. Bob Opio, the Alur Kingdom Attorney General discussed linkages between the traditional and formal justice systems and informed participants that the main linkage is that both systems depend on each other. He also expressed the need for individuals, cultural institutions and other organizations to work together to ease and improve access to justice for women and girls who are victims of Gender-Based Violence.

“…The traditional justice system provides room for women to speak in access to justice. It is painful that they always speak last and we all need to work together to give their voices priority.”

The Gender Officer Nebbi District during her remarks encouraged participants to understand that gender does not mean women and men. She pointed out that the meaning attached to gender has caused domestic violence in homes and the narrative can change with culture as a tool. She also encouraged participants to prepare children for marriage so that girls are not seen as sex objects in marriage.

“…Gender does not mean men or women. We should understand that all human beings are equal and need to work together to achieve the balance that we are seeking.” Yerusa Ayioruuoth

Heritage Education Programme Refresher Training

The training focused on sharpening skills of patrons, coordinators, and school administrators in engaging young people in the heritage clubs.

 About Culture for Her

With support from UN Women Uganda, the Swedish Embassy and Spotlight International, CCFU is implementing a project code-named Culture for Her which aims at harnessing cultural resources that is cultural institutions, values, practices, and structures to transform negative cultural practices that perpetuate gender stereotypes, inequality, and discrimination to end violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) and harmful practices and to promote Sexual Reproductive Health Rights and Access to Justice