Our mission is to promote the recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to Uganda's national identity and diversity.

Who are we?

Staff team

With ten employees, CCFU staff are encouraged to work as a team. We also often collaborate with specialists from collaborating institutions as volunteers, consultants and researchers on specific case studies and programme activities.

Board of Trustees

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda is keen to be accountable, both internally and towards the general public. To ensure this, the Foundation is governed by a Board of Trustees drawn from civil society and government.

Our partners

Programme partners

To implement our different programme activities successfully, the Foundation works with a number of local partners in different parts of the country.

Funding partners

CCFU collaborates with other civil society organisations, universities, government institutions and development agencies that share our belief on the centrality of culture to strengthen sustainable development and national identity. We network with local NGOs and other institutions through our coalitions and specialised programmes. Our international and local partners provide financial and other forms of support for our various projects.

CCFU Annual Report

The year in review by the Executive Director

Ms. Emily Drani

‘…in 2017, we however witnessed the spirited protection of ancestral land, demands for access to traditional knowledge, cultural spaces and cultural expressionst hrough language, social and religious practices…This report illustrates how the Foundation has contributed to preserving Uganda’s diverse cultural heritage in collaboration with its different partners and associates’