We exist to promote an appreciation of culture as vital for human development that responds to our national identity and diversity.

At CCFU, we define culture as a constantly changing set of values, identities, traditions and aspirations that govern the way we live and relate as individuals, communities and nations. It is central to our well–being and to defining the ideal society we seek. We believe that the positive aspects of culture can be harnessed to bring about social and economic transformation. The Foundation therefore acts as a catalyst to promote an understanding of development, as seen through “cultural lenses”.

Our mission is to promote the recognition of culture as vital for human development that responds to Uganda’s national identity and diversity.

Our Assumptions

Our mission is based on the following assumptions

  1. Culture provides the basis for people to reason, take decisions, make choices and determine priorities in life.
  2. Culture is a way of human life and, while external influences and exposure might at times seem overwhelming, it remains an important and resilient part of people’s identity, in a changing context.
  3. There is an intrinsic desire to preserve and promote culture. Culture is dynamic which allows for diverse ways through which culture may be modified, restored and expressed.
  4. A drive for development and transformation may be externally stimulated but real change must be internally/community driven for meaningful and long lasting results.

Our Objectives

  1. Promoting a ‘Culture in Development’ approach through research, documentation, reflection and publicity
  2. Preserving and developing cultural heritage resources through heritage education in secondary schools, mapping and supporting community museums, historical buildings and sites
  3. Promoting cultural rights, governance and managing diversity through advocacy for the rights of indigenous minority groups and other ethnic groups