Come and celebrate Uganda’s cultural heritage

The 3rd National Cultural Heritage Awards

This year the Foundation will recognise individuals/institution in the 2018 National Cultural Heritage Awards through social recognition, publicity and a cash prize at a national event in Kampala.


There are individuals, groups of people, families and institutions who have made a remarkable contribution to the preservation and promotion of our cultural heritage (e.g. historic buildings, historic or cultural sites, aspects of a local language, customs, traditions, indigenous knowledge or skills). This is the time to recognise and appreciate their efforts!

The 3rd Cultural Heritage Awarding Ceremony

This year, the Foundation plans to hold the 3rd National Cultural Heritage Awarding Ceremony to recognise and award 6 cultural heritage promoters at an event that will be publicized through different media. CCFU has received over 50 nominees, whom a jury of heritage experts will evaluate. The ceremony will take place during the World Culture week on 24th May 2018 at Mayor’s Palour (a historical building), followed by a cocktail


In 2013, CCFU initiated the National Heritage Awards to recognise individuals and Organisations for their excellent contribution to preserving and promoting our heritage – whether build, natural or intangible. During the 13th International Conference of National Trusts in Entebbe, the first National Heritage Award ceremony was held followed by the 2nd National Heritage awards held in 2016 as CCFU marked 10 years of existence.