Are you young, from Bugisu, passionate about protecting and promoting built heritage? Here is a chance for you to showcase your passion:

  1. Record a three-minutes video about a historical building, site or monument telling its story
  2. Tell us the cultural or historical significance of the building, site or monument
  3. Explain reasons why it should be preserved
  4. Suggest ways the building, site or monument can be promoted
  5. Upload the video on a social media platform of your choice and tag us (Facebook, CCFU NGO: Twitter, CCFU_NGO and IG: ccfu_ngo). In your post on social media, ask people to donate to our crowdfunding campaign to help us promote and preserve historic properties in Mbale. Include the GlobalGiving link: in your social media post
  6. Videos with the most likes, shares and comments will earn extra points
  7. Then, Send the video and a short biography of yourself to the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda on the email and copy

Videos that capture unique features of a building, site or monument will earn extra points.  Win cash prizes

  1. Winner -250,000/=
  2. First runners-up- 150,000/=
  3. Second runners-up – 100,000/=

Deadline: 8th /04/2021

Note: No videography skills are required to participate in this competition. Young people can use their phones to film this. 

CCFU’s efforts to preserve historical buildings, sites and monuments in Mbale 

For a very long time, Uganda had just a single city – Kampala. With the effects of ‘modernity’ taking its toll on Kampala, it has had its iconic buildings demolished and replaced with ‘modern’ ones, whilst surviving ones are dwarfed by newly constructed storeyed buildings. This means a lost connection with our shared past, posing a risk of losing unique features that prevent our cities from becoming indistinguishable from each other.

Effective July 1, 2020, Mbale became one of the ten new cities in Uganda, and there is cause to worry; historic buildings will be under immense threat from developers rushing to take up prime space in the city.

In this light, the Cross -Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) is running a campaign to raise Twenty four million nine hundred and twenty seven Ugandan shillings (24,927,000/=), about seven thousand dollars ($7,000).

The campaign aims at: a) documentation and production of a map for historic buildings, monuments and sites in Mbale city, b) placement of plaques on at least 10 buildings and erect information boards on 4 sites, c) promotion of urban tourism, especially around built heritage, d) advocate for favourable policies, including the enactment of the Mbale Historic Buildings Ordinance, and e) undertake a short film competition for young people on historic buildings in Mbale.

This campaign will contribute to; the preservation of Mbale’s cultural identity and continuity in a fast-growing world for future generations; its past history and culture; and increase the city’s tourism potential, thereby widening its revenue sources.

For more information, call us on 0393294657 or whatsaap 0703975812