Our mid-year retreat

Our mid-year retreat hinged on reflections on our programmes and re-planning where it was necessary, following up on progress of our 2021 Annual Plan, and re-planning activities to suit the current Covid-19 situation.

It is important for us to position ourselves to suit the national agenda, understand how we can contribute and participate. We there invited Judith Mutabazi from the National Planning Authority (NPA) to help us understand how culture can be positioned to influence the national agenda. Peter Magela from Chapter Four Uganda discussed NGO compliance issues to enable CCFU to understand meet its legal and statutory obligations.

CCFU envisions to stay relevant on the international scene and as well contribute to addressing global challenges. Emily Drani, our former Executive Director discussed heritage education, global trends and technology with a focus on what is fit for CCFU.

Our key take ways from the retreat include; 

  • Due to Covid-19, a lot of programmes have been brought to a standstill. CCFU is re-planning all activities with implementation strategies that suit the current situation.
  • The Heritage Education curriculum for cultural heritage clubs will be revised to meet global needs to produce young people who are global citizens.
  • CCFU will conduct a statistical assessment of the impact of our work to explore its impact and inform positioning at the international and national scene
  • A deeper evaluation of our work with cultural institutions/cultural leaders to understand opportunities, their challenges and what it means to work with them.
  • Aggressive use of digital platforms to share the work of CCFU

CCFU retreats

CCFU retreats happen twice a year (mid-year and the end) and CCFU staff, board members sit together to reflect on CCFU’s work, evaluate and plan for a particular period of time. These retreats inform CCCFU’s annual workplan, budget and strategic plan.