Every year, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda organises a national youth heritage competition for young people in and out of school heritage clubs. The competition is intended to foster an appreciation of Uganda’s diverse cultural heritage resources through young hands and eyes.

 About the 2021 Annual Youth Cultural Heritage Competition

This year’s competition focuses on culture and communication. Participants who are 20 years of age and below are required to identify and draw or paint traditional cultural communication instruments and in not more than 300 words, explain how they are used to communicate.

To strengthen efforts to promote the use of local languages by young people, they will translate the text into their local language.

After drawing or painting  young people are supposed to submit their entries to a nearby community museum, a school cultural heritage club patron, the Straight Talk Foundation, the Nnabagereka Development Foundation, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda Offices, the Uganda Museum or the Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC).

A team of cultural experts will select the best entries that will be used to produce the 2022 National Heritage Calendar.

Winners will be joined by other young people at a grand awarding ceremony that will take place in Kampala in December 2021.

The deadline for submission of entries is 31st August 2021

 For inquiries, email us on ccfu@crossculturalfoundation.or.ug or call us on +256 393 294 675