148 Heritage clubs in Uganda, more patrons trained

Introduction and the trainings

The Heritage Education Programme has grown to 148 heritage clubs by inducting 8 schools in Nakasongola district. CCFU trained 16 patrons for 8 clubs in Nakasongola and retooled 14 for the 7 patrons in Kitgum (and Lamwo), as well as other resource persons in both districts.
CCFU is grateful to the cultural institution of Buruuli for initiating the engagement in Nakasongola and for identifying the schools. The Prime Minister of the cultural institution, while opening the workshop in Nakasongola, stressed the need to embrace diversity by allowing all cultures to co-exist. He urged the patrons to let young people from different cultural communities to express, each, their culture.

In Kitgum, Mr. Okot Alfred, the Patron for Kitgum Comprehensive Secondary School, supported the Museum of Acholi Art and Culture in organizing the training. Mr. James Okello p’Okidi, the District Community Development Officer, and Ms Florence Grace Lowila, the District Inspector of Schools participated in the 2-day training. Mr. Okello stressed several cultural aspects that patrons should focus on as they transmit knowledge to young people. These include herbal medicine, heritage sites, rituals, respect of elders, clans among others. He encouraged patrons to register an umbrella body and pledged to support them as they seek various forms of assistance from the local government.

Workshop presentations

During the workshops, presentations focused on understanding cultural heritage in general, mapping heritage resources in the vicinities of participating schools, orientation to the heritage education programme, effective communication and visibility of the heritage clubs, using the heritage education ‘toolkit’ and the contribution of local governments to the success of the programme. Continuing patrons in Kitgum also reflected on their past experience and devised mechanisms of consolidating their strengths and achievements, and mitigating challenges.

Support visits to selected heritage clubs in Kitgum

CCFU also visited selected heritage clubs in Kitgum and introduced a new communication output – the heritage club aprons – to be used by young people for club related activities for easy identification.

The Annual Youth Cultural Heritage Competition 2019

This competition engages young people in promoting their culture through artistic expressions and narrative texts. In 2017, a video competition for young people in Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe and Uganda was organised, in addition to the usual national competition.
In 2019, the competition has extended to Kenya. In collaboration with the Community Peace Museums Heritage Foundation (CPMHF), CCFU will run a heritage competition for young people to illustrate cultural activities that promote peace and unity, and award 14 winners from this competition in Kampala in December 2019.

The Heritage Education Programme

Under CCFU’s “Cultural Heritage Preservation and Development” thematic area, the Foundation implements the programme aims at engaging the young generation as an important way of sustainably promoting cultural rights and heritage, and their essential role in relation to Uganda’s current development efforts. There are so far 148 heritage clubs across the country and over 358 patrons have been trained.