World Heritage Day 2016

World Heritage Day 2016


Madi Community Museum launched on World Heritage Day, 2016

Madi sub region joined the international community to celebrate the World Heritage Day (18th of April) by launching Madi Community Museum located at Metu sub county headquarters in Moyo District. The launch event was presided over by the LCV Chairperson of Moyo District and was also attended by traditional chiefs, representatives of CCFU among others. The Museum’s mission is to preserve and promote the culture of Madi community.

Website 2 Launching Madi Community Museum


Read a report on The State of Global Heritage 2016 by the International National Trusts Organisation click here…

A lecture by Fiona Reynolds, Chairman of the International National Trusts Organisation (INTO) at Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Fiona Reynolds3“UNESCO established 18 April as World Heritage Day back in 1983 with the aim of raising public awareness about the diversity and vulnerability of the world’s built monuments and heritage sites, and the efforts required to protect and conserve them…”

“The danger is clear. Unless we act and work towards significantly changing public and official attitudes to heritage, then by 2025, largely through neglect and apathy, we risk letting a large proportion of our built and natural heritage disappear…”

“Our INTO members are the canaries in the coal mine. From Fiji to South Korea and Canada to Uganda, our member organisations defend some of the world’s most special places. They are the ones who can see every day and at first hand the effects of climate change, bad planning and apathy towards heritage…” Read full speech…

Dame Fiona Reynolds

April, 2016: CCFU launches the “Culture in Development” Training Guide – second edition

The “Culture in Development” Training Guide (second edition) has been produced by the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU). This was launched on 1st April 2016 by Prof. Peter Kanyandago (a cultural enthusiast) of Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi.

The guide is meant to enable trainers and development workers acquire hands-on knowledge and skills to incorporate culture into development initiatives.

The launch brought together participants from within Uganda and outside: from Plan International – Zimbabwe, Plan International – Uganda, ActionAid Uganda, Diakonia, PELUM-Uganda, Uganda Wildlife Authority, Mountains of the Moon University, the media, among other entities.

“…but one can ask: why should one talk about the place of culture in development since there can be no development without referring to culture? …my starting point is that there can be no development without referring to the culture of the people who are doing development…” Prof. Kanyandago

Since its inception in 2006, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda has sought different ways to achieve its mission which is to recognize the value of culture as vital for human development that reflects our national diversity and identity. Central to all these efforts was the conviction that the positive aspects of culture can be harnessed to cause meaningful and sustained transformation.

Contact CCFU for a copy of the publication

Prof. Launching 2

March, 2016: Funding opportunity for Youth Cultural Entrepreneurship

Call for Youth Cultural Entrepreneurship by CCFU 0704689495

March, 2016: Condolence message from the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda to the Family of Moses Mapeesa

It is with great sadness that we learnt of the passing of Moses Wafula Mapesa on Monday, 28th April 2016. Our interaction with Moses began about five years ago when we engaged Uganda Wildlife Authority to address issues of culture in protected areas. He was very receptive and supportive of our cause, opening up new areas for learning for ourselves as well as the staff of UWA.

During the International Conference for National Trusts in 2013, Moses made a professional and passionate appeal for an understanding of culture that impacted on all aspects of development. We remember him stressing that “the link between heritage, conservation and development is strong and positive – there is no gap and there is no contest.”

In 2015, the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda, appreciating the valuable contribution that Moses made to our work, invited him to become the Chairperson of our Board of Trustees – a position he held to date. On behalf of the staff at CCFU and Board of Trustees, we wish to convey our sincere condolences to the family and relatives of Moses Mapesa. This is a particularly difficult time for Moses’ family, and we encourage you to celebrate the gift of his life and the special contribution he made to those who had the privilege to meet him. On behalf of CCFU staff and Board of Trustees

March, 2016: Supporting women from indigenous minorities to promote their culture through enterprise

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) is seeking a partnership with women’s groups from indigenous minorities to enhance cultural enterprises that can promote both livelihood and cultural identity. CCFU’s focus on women from indigenous minorities reflects the fact that they often suffer from marginalisation and discrimination in several ways. One is their limited opportunity to promote their cultural heritage, in the face of dominant neighbouring ethnic groups.

To be eligible for support, this must be an existing group running an income generating activity, by at least 5 women from an indigenous minority group. This activity could involve the production of cultural items, crafts, indigenous food production and/or processing, expressive arts/troupes, ornament making; costume making; herbal products; traditional dishes/catering; the arts; etc. Willingness to involve younger people and to transmit knowledge will be an advantage. The women concerned will also need to be able to account verbally or in written form (directly or through an intermediary).

To apply, please contact CCFU with a short description of the group before 15th April 2016 by email, post or phone:

The Executive Director,
The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda
P.O. Box 25517, Kampala, Uganda
Tel. +256 – 393294675 / 704689495

March, 2016: Launching the 2016 National Heritage Awards – Be part of it!

Every 3 years, the National Heritage Awards recognise individuals and organisations for their excellent contribution to preserving and promoting our heritage – whether built, natural or intangible. This might be an effort to preserve a historical property, an endangered language or custom, an effort to preserve a threatened part of our knowledge and traditions as a family, community, or nation.

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda launched the first National Heritage Awards in 2013. One of the “tangible heritage” winners was the Berghani family, because of its superb restoration of the historic Masindi Hotel. An “intangible heritage” award went to Prof. Austin Bukenya in recognition of his outstanding work on promoting orature (oral literature). These and four other winners were honoured during the International Conference of National Trusts held in Entebbe.

Contribute to saving our vanishing heritage! Please nominate an individual, group or organisation who qualifies in your opinion for a Heritage Award and send us details (including a photo where appropriate. All nominations will be vetted by a jury and winners awarded at a grand ceremony in June 2016. The deadline for nominations is April 30th 2016. Click here to send details of your nomination…

Call for Heritage Awards,2016 by CCFU

Feb, 2016: Re-advertised; Part Time Job Opportunity for a Coordinator by the Uganda Community Museums Association (UCOMA). Click here to read advert…


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