Supporting women from indigenous minorities to promote their culture through enterprise

The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) is seeking a partnership with women’s groups from indigenous minorities to enhance cultural enterprises that can promote both livelihood and cultural identity. CCFU’s focus on women from indigenous minorities reflects the fact that they often suffer from marginalisation and discrimination in several ways. One is their limited opportunity to promote their cultural heritage, in the face of dominant neighbouring ethnic groups.

To be eligible for support, this must be an existing group running an income generating activity, by at least 5 women from an indigenous minority group. This activity could involve the production of cultural items, crafts, indigenous food production and/or processing, expressive arts/troupes, ornament making; costume making; herbal products; traditional dishes/catering; the arts; etc. Willingness to involve younger people and to transmit knowledge will be an advantage. The women concerned will also need to be able to account verbally or in written form (directly or through an intermediary).

To apply, please contact CCFU with a short description of the group before 15th April 2016 by email, post or phone:

The Executive Director,
The Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda
P.O. Box 25517, Kampala, Uganda
Tel. +256 – 393294675 / 704689495


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