This section includes CCFU resources on indigenous minorities’ rights.

Hard copies are available for some of the CCFU resources. If you are interested, feel free to contact us.

CCFU News on work with indigenous minorities

CCFU, alongside other partners, has formed the National NGO Coalition (with support from the Equal Opportunities Commission) to promote the cultural rights of Indigenous Minority Groups click here for this update.

The Foundation is also working with indigenous minority groups across the country to form regional platforms to further the advocacy agenda of these groups. The Karamoja platform and the Rwenzori platform have been formed.

CCFU runs a cultural entrepreneurship project for women from indigenous minority groups. Click here

The documentation of oral history for the Batwa in Bundibugyo is on going (see a case study, folk tales and a film produced as part of outputs for this work)

The Foundation will also support the Lendu and the Ngikutio on the same initiative