Sunday , 23 November 2014

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“Culture, the Law and Cultural Institutions.”
CCFU organises a training event for leaders of cultural institutions on “Culture, the Law and Cultural Institutions.”. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Community Museums: Exposure visit to Kenya.
Munuve Mutisya Curator of Akamba Peace Museum in Kenya [Click on the picture to read more.]
Kampala historical buildings map: Fundraising walk.
CCFU took part in a fundraising walk in Spain, organised by the International National Trusts Organisation. The group in front of Santiago de Compostela's cathedral. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Thur Community Museum in Abim inaugurated!
[Click on the picture to read more.]


Resource of the month

Support the Cultural Rights of the Benet! CCFU has supported the Benet – a minority ethnic group on the slopes of Mount Elgon – to develop a Policy Brief to have their cultural rights better respected.

Read about their history, their plight and their demands.


Story of the moment

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