Thursday , 30 October 2014

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CCFU is a member of UNESCO ICH Consultative Committee.
The Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee members meeting in Paris. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Community Museums: Exposure visit to Kenya.
Munuve Mutisya Curator of Akamba Peace Museum in Kenya [Click on the picture to read more.]
Kampala historical buildings map: Fundraising walk.
CCFU took part in a fundraising walk in Spain, organised by the International National Trusts Organisation. The group in front of Santiago de Compostela's cathedral. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Thur Community Museum in Abim inaugurated! [Click on the picture to read more.]


Resource of the month

The Rwenzori region has recently experienced extreme violence. Do cultural institutions fan this violence? And what is the role of the State? As part of the Promoting Pluralism Knowledge Programme in Uganda, CCFU recently launched in Kasese this publication:

Managing Inter-Cultural Conflict in the Rwenzori region

Story of the moment

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