Tuesday , 28 April 2015

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Teachers getting ready
Teachers to pilot the cultural elements of the new secondary school curriculum at the National Curriculum Development Centre with CCFU support. [Click on the picture to read more.]
"Heritage Clubs promote solidarity"
Heritage Clubs are spread all over the countries in about 65 about schools. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Heritage decimated in Soroti!
To widen municipal roads, contractors have cut down several mvule trees planted by Semei Kakungulu more than 100 years ago in Soroti. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Teso Culture Union visits Heritage Clubs
The deputy Minister of Culture at Soroti Municipal Secondary School [Click on the picture to read more.]

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“2014 saw cultural affairs capture more public attention than in previous years, for both positive and less welcome reasons.”

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Annual Report 2014


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