Monday , 26 January 2015

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“Culture and Constitutional Governance"
A national reflection on the topic has been organised by CCFU on December 12th 2014, with guests from Ghana and South Africa. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Training for new Community Museums
A capacity building training was held in Iganga Kigulu Chiefdom Museum for new Community Museums. [Click on the picture to read more.]
Heritage Competition: Awards and Calendar launching
A total of 300 young people took part in t2014 National Heritage Competition. [Click on the picture to read more.]


Resource of the month

Convinced by the relevance of culture in governance and in development, the Cross-cultural Foundation of Uganda has produced a resource to support actions and decisions taken by the leadership of cultural institutions.

Legal instruments related to Culture and Cultural institutions in UgandaDecember, 2014



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