Thursday , 8 October 2015

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Sept. 2015: Now available. A hands-on guide to develop and implement heritage plans
CCFU has worked with several stakeholders to produce this publication. Click on picture to read...
Aug 2015: Restored King Kyebambe's tomb launched.
Supported by CCFU, King Kyebambe Rubongoya III Royal Tomb at Nyamarunda, Kibaale District has been restored as a public heritage site.
Sept. 2015: International Conference of National Trusts (ICNT 16) in Cambridge, UK.
Delegates from over 70 non-governmental organisations taking part in #ICNT16. Emily Drani, Executive Director CCFU, elected Vice-Chairman (Click on picture to read more...)
June 2015: Research on Kampala's Historical Buildings
CCFU starts work on a map of Kampala's heritage landmarks.
June, 2015. Ik House of Memory launched
(Click the picture to read more)
June 2015: Meeting with the Equal Opportunities Commission
The Indigenous Minorities engage the Equal Opportunities Commission
April 2015: Second Phase of Aryek Chiefdom Project Launched
Aryek Chiefdom in Alur Kingdom is expanding its shea butter tree growing project (Click the picture to read more)
May 2015: Minister visits CCFU stand on World Culture Day
Hon. Muruli Mukasa views CCFU Publications at the CCFU stall

Resource of the month

The Cultural Rights of Indigenous Minorities in Uganda- A Call for Action

Representatives of 21 indigenous minority groups and CCFU launched this National Policy Brief on 20th May 2015

Click here to view the full text

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